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Planning Azure Update Manager Deployment

Overview:  Azure Update Manager has been around for a while, however recently I had a chance to deploy this in production. Sharing my experience with this amazing product which can be a perfect alternative if:  you have WSUS servers, SCCM servers that are specifically used for patching.  you are looking to consolidate servers across your […]

Deploying WVD as a Code.. Thoughts..

Summary: Number of organizations are considering Deploying WVD as a code, a lot of factors are leading in to this. WVD is a perfect VDI solution that has the right elements for organizations to consider their own private DAAS solution for their end users. What are those elements you ask?

A simple Health-check / Inventory Dashboard for WVD – ARM

Summary: This dashboard provides an inventory / basic checks output in an html format which can be further utilised to understand the WVD infrastructure’s state. Customers may use this to perform their day to day checks before start of business to ensure the WVD availability and at the same time be able to keep track of their inventory on WVD.

Azure Pipeline – Deploying WVD Session Hosts to Availability Zones vs Availability Sets

Summary: The official Windows Virtual Desktop ARM template provides a way to add Session hosts into Availability Sets for HA. However is Availability Sets just enough for a large WVD deployment? it just might not be the case. That is why I modified the ARM template such that the Session Hosts so created to join the Host Pools will be created in different Availability Zones instead of just Availability Sets. It offers better redundancy for the user sessions in the event of a zone failure within the Azure region.


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