About Us


A TEAM OF Experienced End User Computing IT GEEKS

  • We are a team of IT Architects / Consultants who thought one day that the world needs to know about how to do IT in the most simplest of ways possible! 
  • Also we love talking about IT 
  • So we thought…. lets create a blog to help people out and bridge those gaps that organizations in the end user computing world miss out during the product documentation.
  • Changing the end user computing world with our blogging! 
  • If we can make one IT guy’s day better through our blog, that makes us happy 😀

Surendra Dhondale

A Citrix Enthusiast! with a goal to make End User Computing fun! leveraging skills learnt over years to provide best solutions/answers for difficult “IT questions”!!

EUC | Devops | Citrix | Microsoft Azure | Nutanix | VMware | Design | Solution Architecture | Programming | WVD

Abhishek Hiremath

A VMware Enthusiast! With indepth knowledge on End User computing products

VMWare | ESX | Horizon | Citrix | Nutanix | Azure | AWS | Design Solution Architecture | WVD | Storage | Networking