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A EUC Enthusiast! with a goal to make End User Computing fun! leveraging skills learnt over years to provide best solutions/answers for difficult “IT questions”!! EUC | Devops | Citrix | Microsoft Azure | Nutanix | VMware | Design | Solution Architecture | Programming | WVD

A Citrix Admin’s Guide to WVD

With WVD getting a lot of attention lately, with this blog i am trying to bridge that gap between the Citrix and the WVD. Both technologies can either independently exist or be used together to deliver a remote access service to the customers! However it is important to understand the caveats of these technologies in … Read More

Why Windows Virtual Desktop(WVD) is Winning?

Over the past few weeks! there has been a tremendous surge in customers accessing the Remote access solutions! In this blog we will discuss as to why Windows Virtual desktop has become a GO-TO strategy for many businesses. The key factors driving organizations to adopt to Windows Virtual Desktop to rapidly provide access to their … Read More