Monthly Archives: April 2020

Deploying the WVD POC under 30 minutes – Powershell


Creating a VDI infrastructure using traditional methods is a thing of the past! VDI the very word is all about Efficiency, Speed, Productivity. Hence we have put together list of all powershell commands that should help you deploy a WVD infrastructure framework in just under 30 minutes! For this to work as claimed.. first!

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Ever Wondered how to Estimate Egress Traffic Prior to Migrating to Cloud Desktops?

Moving desktops to cloud requires careful consideration of the costs generated by Compute , Storage and Network . In most of the cases , customers have a fair sizing estimates for Compute and Storage , however they are puzzled with Network . In my experience , i have see the cost to be around $1.5 … Read More

FSLogix App Masking Guide for Citrix / Any Hosted Shared Desktops


FSLogix App has been around for a while, and it is one of the products that we love to talk about more and more! Reason for this is that it just made so many aspects of a Shared Infrastructure easy!! We worked on a couple of scenarios where customers had use cases to deploy

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A simple Health-check / Inventory Dashboard for WVD


Last few weeks have been immensely busy for our VDI teams across the globe trying to help out customers adopt into solutions for remote access, a major one among this being the Windows Virtual Desktop!!! . As part of this, one of the biggest problems for customers is to manage the Windows Virtual Desktop. … Read More

Windows Virtual Desktops.. Pre-Requisite Checklist


Across the VDI community the release of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) has been seen as a quick card for CIOs to play at the time of some rapid proof of concepts for remote access and such. In this Article we will review as to just what does it take to deliver a WVD solution … Read More

Migrating to Cloud Desktops ?Are you fully prepared ?Think again!

At this point you have assessed and found cloud desktops will be the way to go forward. The next big question you have is how to migrate users to the new platform. When evaluating the DaaS provider you would have been easily caught up with all the hype around the technology offering like file services, … Read More

A Citrix Admin’s Guide to WVD

With WVD getting a lot of attention lately, with this blog i am trying to bridge that gap between the Citrix and the WVD. Both technologies can either independently exist or be used together to deliver a remote access service to the customers! However it is important to understand the caveats of these technologies in … Read More